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Advance Scene Studies

Advance Scene Studies

This On Camera class is for Actors who have done extensive Film and Television work or who have fully completed all the other levels of training offered at the studio and are seeking to create an edge or new life in their work, or simply something beyond the mainstream. This class is about Transcendence, a venturing into the unknown, the Realm of all possibilities, exploring the truism that the Egoic Mind and Art cannot exist on the same plain. And being able to capture the resulting manifestations on Camera. All classes are recorded on HD (high-definition) DVD for review, critiques and discussion.

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  • 2019-05-28 18:30 - 2019-05-28 22:00

    This On Camera Scene Study class is for Actors who have had some professional ‘on set’ experiences in Film and Television work or Independent Productions. This class will explore Auditions, Script Analysis, Character Development, The Camera Relationship, When Acting becomes Art and the Life that happens in front of the lens. All classes are recorded on HD (high-definition) DVD. The work is played back, analysed, critiqued and discussed with multiple takes and directions giving the actors a chance to see what works for them and the other actors.