Acting Teacher

          Earl began his career as an Actor and has appeared in many Film and Stage productions before moving on to opening up his own acting studio-EVN Film & Television Studios where he has been a teacher since 1989. Recognizing a problem very early on about Actors being Dry, Cerebral and too Intellectual, Earl evolved his own style of teaching.  It is a Spiritual Approach to the Craft of Acting, that brings a more grounded and organic presence to the actors’ craft.   A unique blend of Meditation and Art.  It has successfully enabled many of his students to land Leads and major roles.  These roles are in Feature Films, TV Series, Movies of the Week, Commercials, etc.


            Earl is experienced in many areas of the Acting World. Besides teaching at EVN Studios he has worked as an Onset Acting Coach, Agent/Manager, Director, Assistant Director, Casting Director, and Casting Associate on numerous productions.  These include Feature Films to Television Series and Commercials. He is also the President of the Production company that he founded-‘LunarScape Productions Inc.’  Here he has produced and directed the Feature Film, ‘Love Guns & Christmas.”


             In-between teaching his classes in Toronto and Los Angeles, Earl is continuously working on various productions as Writer/Director/Producer.  He is currently working on his upcoming book on acting titled ‘Acting ~ A Meditative Path.’ Having had the opportunity to work in so many different capacities allows Earl to bring to his students a solid and practical approach to the Art and Craft of Acting.

Earl Nanhu Toronto Film Producer teacher, and Acting Coach

Earl Nanhu
President / Director



          After working in front of the camera for a number of years, Irena Angeloutsa went back to school to take film production. This offered her a unique opportunity to combine her creative passion for filmmaking and her skilled competency in business.


       Shortly after, Irena Angeloutsa was offered an opportunity to work as an associate producer on a short film called Truth Lies in Charlie.  It was later selected and screened at the Short Film Corner organized by the Festival de Cannes in 2009. In 2010 another opportunity emerged to work as a feature film producer alongside Robanzo Pictures. This offered a unique collaborative experience to produce her first thriller feature film called Kenneyville, directed by Brooks Hunter. Kenneyville was screened at the Ottawa International Film Festival in 2011.  It received much support by the media and film community. Additionally, Kenneyville had a short theatrical run in Canada and is now available on DVD across Canada, the US and Japan.


       In 2012 Irena founded her production company Aanjali Pictures, which operates out of EVN Film and Television Studios. The company focuses on producing creative Documentaries, TV Series and Feature Films. The company recently finished post-production on its first feature film called Love, Guns and Christmas, directed by Earl Nahnu. Currently, we are developing various projects and collaborating on a number of projects with other production companies.

Irena Angeloutsa Toronto Film Producer

Irena Angeloutsa
Administrator / Producer