"If you're goal is to be a great actor, then Earl has to be apart of your life. I was fortunate enough to meet Earl in the very beginning of my career. He gave me a solid foundation and the necessary building blocks that I still carry with me today. I'm currently living the dream as a full time actor in LA. You can do it too, but I strongly suggest EVN Acting Studios Toronto to help make that dream a reality. Thx Earl."

- James Preston Rogers

"Earl’s classes are something like no other classes out there! His approach to training is a masterful blend, of both spiritual and practical which has allowed me to become more mindful, more aware, a better listener and a better actor. I would recommend EVN Acting Studios Toronto to anyone, whether a new actor or a seasoned one, you will reach a new height in your acting journey. Thanks Earl for everything."

- Georgia Chase

"I have been a student of Earls now for 20+ years, like an extended family, building friendships, and relationships. Earls teachings guide you to be “in the moment”, in front of the camera as well as in life. We all have it, It’s in there. Earl guides you open your eyes, unlock your spirit, unlock your art, find it and listen to it. Highly recommend Toronto Acting Studios, you’ll expose more about your potential than you could ever have expected. Thank you so much to my friend and teacher, Earl."

- Simon Northwood