The Last of Us review: ‘The best video game adaptation ever’

The Last of Us review: 'The best video game adaptation ever'

Live-action video game adaptations are hardly renowned for being serious works of art. At best, the last decade has produced well-crafted family fare, such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Detective Pikachu; at worst, the genre has found itself defined by a string of cynical mediocrities and unwatchable failures.

The challenge tends to be two-fold. Video games themselves – while capable of telling compelling stories on their own terms – do not translate naturally to movies and TV shows; while the people in charge of financing or making those movies and TV shows have been known to have little respect for what makes them worth adapting in the first place. Neither of which is the case for HBO’s remarkable nine-part adaptation of The Last of Us, generally regarded as one of the greatest video game stories ever told.

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Original Article Written by Stephen Kelly
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